A Meta-Analysis Of 46 Studies Identified By The FDA Demonstrates That Soy Protein Decreases Circulating LDL And Total Cholesterol Concentrations In Adults

Effect Decrease
Values -4.57 mg/dl [-6.95, -2.20]
Trial Design Meta analysis
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 0
Sex n/a
Notes for this study:
The study was a meta-analysis of trials that tested soy protein intake on LDL and total cholesterol. Specific to this page, the effect of soy protein isolate compared with control (various) was -4.57 mg/dl [-6.95, -2.20] for LDL, and -6.21 mg/dl [-9.64, -2.78] for total cholesterol, based on 41 studies. Studies were all randomized, and the authors state that there wasn't a serious risk of bias. However, studies with an unclear risk for allocation concealment bias (as opposed to low risk) were more likely to show a beneficial effect, though the difference wasn't statistically significant.