Studies related to Creatinine Clearance and Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic Low-carbohydrate Diets Have No Metabolic Advantage Over Nonketogenic Low-carbohydrate Diets

Effect None
Values (mL · s¹ · m²). Mean + SE. Ketogenic: before 1.21 ± 0.10, after 1.18 ± 0.16. Normal carb: before 1.34 ± 0.11, after 1.20 ± 0.12
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 20
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 18-29, 30-44, 45-64
Body Types Obese, Overweight
Notes for this study:
In a randomized, controlled trial, 20 overweight/obese participants were assigned to either a ketogenic diet with 5% carbohydrate initially which increased by 5 g per week during the second half of the trial, or an isocaloric diet with the same amount of protein and with 40% carbohydrates for 6 weeks. All food was provided to the participants and the diets were hypocaloric and designed to lead to weight loss. Following the 6 weeks, there was also a period of 4 weeks where participants self-monitored their diets.

There wasn't a statistically significant difference between groups when it came to weight loss after 6 weeks, and the difference wasn't statistically significant during the following weeks, though the higher carb group lost a little more weight. The change in resting energy expenditure wasn't notably different. There was a similar improvement in insulin sensitivity in both groups and c-reactive protein was reduced more in the ketogenic group, but the ketogenic group started off with considerably higher levels.

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Funding issues for this study:
"SLT received consulting fees from the Inflammation
Research Foundation for participation in the research presented here. HH is
an employee of Zone Labs Inc. BS is a stockholder and serves on the boards
of directors of Zone Labs Inc and Zone Cuisine Inc; he is also on the boards
of directors of Zone Café and ZoneNet."