Studies related to Offspring BMI and Fish oil

Randomized Controlled Trial Of DHA Supplementation During Pregnancy: Child Adiposity Outcomes

Effect None
Values Z-score at 2 years (SD): DHA: 0.48 (0.39) | Placebo: 0.55 (0.32) Z-score at 4 years (SD): DHA: 1.24 (0.42) | Placebo: 0.92 (0.47) Group x time interaction p-value: 0.60
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 63
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 0-1, 1-6
Notes for this study:
This is a follow-up to a randomized controlled trial where pregnant women with either obesity or gestational diabetes took either 800 mg DHA or placebo from 25-29 weeks gestation through their child’s birth. The goal of the original study was to look at maternal insulin sensitivity. However, this follow-up specifically looked at whether maternal supplementation affected offspring BMI at two or four years of age.

The study found no overall statistically significant effect of maternal DHA supplementation on offspring BMI at any age. More detailed analysis suggested that duration of breastfeeding and DHA levels of the mother at 36 weeks of gestation predicted increased BMI, though. The latter finding may suggest that DHA could influence offspring BMI if levels get high enough late enough in pregnancy, but it could also be a statistical fluke.
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