Studies related to Fat Oxidation and Yerba mate

Yerba Maté (Illex Paraguariensis) Ingestion Augments Fat Oxidation And Energy Expenditure During Exercise At Various Submaximal Intensities

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 24 hours
Number of Subjects 14
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 18-29
Body Types Average
Notes for this study:
Oral supplementation of 1,000mg yerba mate (1.5% caffeine by weight in subjects not consuming more than 200mg caffeine in the previous week) in otherwise healthy adults an hour prior to exercise failed to influence fat oxidation rate or blood lactate during rest, but during exercise there was an increase in fatty acid oxidation rates and relative decrease in carbohydrate oxidation rates.

There was no improvement of VO2 max during testing, and overall metabolic rate during exercise was not significantly increased.

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