Studies related to Blood Pressure and Yerba mate

Thermogenic Effects Of Commercially Available Plant Preparations Aimed At Treating Human Obesity

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 24 hours
Number of Subjects 12
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 18-29, 30-44
Body Types Overweight, Average
Notes for this study:
After ingestion of 1.5g mate extract via 5 capsules (each contributing 0.3g lyophilised extract) were ingested by young (25+/-5yr) and otherwise healthy young men and women. 97 persons were recruited, but 12 subject to Yerba Mate.

Via indirect calorimetry, a lower respiratory quotient was seen indicating more energy coming from fat mass after Yerba Mate. No changes in energy expenditure overall were seen.

A significant decrease in heart rate was seen following Yerba Mate capsules, no influence on blood pressure.