Studies related to Leukocyte Count and Astaxanthin

Effects Of Astaxanthin On Liver And Leukocyte Parameters In Healthy Climacteric Women: Preliminary Data

Effect Increase
Values Count/uL. Mean and SD. Placebo: before 5493 (927), after 5613 (1287). Astaxanthin: before 4493 (1059), after 4793 (1296).
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 6+ Months
Number of Subjects 29
Sex Female
Notes for this study:
In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 29 healthy, climacteric participants were allocated to take 12 mg of astaxanthin per day or placebo for 3 months.

t the end of 3 months, there were no statistically significant differences in the change in blood pressure, lipid profile, fibrinogen, c-reactive protein, follicular stimulating hormone, estradiol, diacron-reactive oxygen metabolites biological antioxidant potential, neutrophil count, BMI, or 8- hydroxy-20 -deoxyguanosine and gamma glutamyl transferase. There was a statistically significantly greater increase in leukocyte count and lymphocyte count. There was a statistically significantly greater reduction in AST, less of a reduction in ALT, and
Funding issues for this study:
"J.T.C received a lecture fee from the Fuji-Kagaku Co. Ltd., Japan."