Studies related to Skin Dryness and Vitamin A

Two Concentrations Of Topical Tretinoin (retinoic Acid) Cause Similar Improvement Of Photoaging But Different Degrees Of Irritation. A Double-blind, Vehicle-controlled Comparison Of 0.1% And 0.025% Tretinoin Creams

Effect Increase
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 6+ Months
Number of Subjects 98
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 45-64, 65+
Notes for this study:
Topical administration of two creams containing retinol (0.1% and 0.025%) over the course of 48 weeks improved signs of photoaging including mottled hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, and brown spots (actinic lentigines) with no differences in potency between groups while the lower concentration was associated with occurrence rates (scaling and erythema) of 44% in the 0.1% group and only 13% in the 0.025% group.

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