Studies related to IUD Expulsion Risk and Menstrual Cups

Does Using Tampons Or Menstrual Cups Increase Early IUD Expulsion Rates?

Effect None
Values IUD expulsion cup vs. tampon p = 0.57; IUD expulsion cup vs. pads p = 0.92
Trial Design Uncontrolled / observational study
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 930
Sex Female
Notes for this study:
In this retrospective chart review, the IUD expulsion rates for 930 women were compared based on reported menstrual protection. A total of 74.2% reported using tampons, 43.2% used pads, and 10.3% used menstrual cups. Full or partial IUD expulsion was noted in 743 women, with no statistical difference between women using tampons (2% of users), pads (4%), or cups (4%). IUD expulsion was the most common during the first 3 months following insertion.

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