Studies related to Weight and Saffron

Satiereal, A Crocus Sativus L Extract, Reduces Snacking And Increases Satiety In A Randomized Placebo-controlled Study Of Mildly Overweight, Healthy Women

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 60
Sex Female
Age Range 18-29
Body Types Overweight
Notes for this study:
Supplementation of a relatively high dose of saffron stigma extract (176.5mg) daily for eight weeks in otherwise normal overweight women has been noted to reduce snacking frequency to a degree (55%) greater than placebo (28%) and the reduction in food intake was thought to underlie the observed modest reduction in body weight (0.96+/-0.26kg).

Hunger appeared to be reduced with saffron relative to placebo when assessed after eight weeks, although the percent of persons reporting a decrease (69%) was only slightly higher than placebo (54%).

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