Studies related to Nasal Congestion and ECA

Clinical, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study Investigating The Combination Of Acetylsalicylic Acid And Pseudoephedrine For The Symptomatic Treatment Of Nasal Congestion Associated With Common Cold

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 643
Sex n/a
Notes for this study:
In 643 persons with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or a history of URTI and stuffy noses, aspirin and pseudoephedrine at 500-1000mg and 30-60mg respectively was able to reduce nasal congestion. This was relative to the active control of 1000mg paracetamol and pseudoephedrine at the same dose, suggesting ASA augments the ability of pseudoephedrine to decongest the nose.

The higher dosages appeared to be more effective, and treatment appeared to be well tolerated.