Studies related to Blood glucose and Eucommia ulmoides

A Clinical Trial Testing The Safety And Efficacy Of A Standardized Eucommia Ulmoides Oliver Bark Extract To Treat Hypertension

Effect Increase
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 54
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 18-29, 30-44, 45-64
Body Types Obese, Overweight
Notes for this study:
500-1,000mg of eucommia ulmoides (8% pinoresinol) daily for 8 weeks in prehypertensive and overweight/obese persons who were otherwise unmedicated and healthy noted a significant reduction in blood pressure (7.5/3.9mmHG systolic/diastolic) attributed to the beta-blocking properties of the herb, and a clinically nonsignificant increase in creatinine and glucose. It was insinuated (but data not disclosed) that no changes in weight or lipid panels occurred.