Studies related to Lipid Peroxidation and Ashwagandha

Evaluation Of Antioxidant Potential Of Rasayana Drugs In Healthy Human Volunteers

Effect Decrease
Values Malondialdehyde. (nmol/ml) Placebo: before 15.37 (1.47_, after 15.6 (7.99). Ashwagandha: before 18.07 (3.56), after 14.55 (2.41).
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 6+ Months
Number of Subjects 30
Sex Both Genders
Notes for this study:
In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 30 participants were assigned to take 10,00 mg of ashwagandha (9 participants), Guduchi (10 participants), or placebo (11 participants) for 6 months. There were no significant changes in hemoglobin.

The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of ashwagandha on antioxidant capacity. Superoxide dismutase was significantly increased in the ashwagandha group, but not in the placebo group, and malondialdehyde was significantly reduced in the ashwagandha group but the placebo group.