Studies related to Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism and L-Carnitine

Usefulness Of L-carnitine, A Naturally Occurring Peripheral Antagonist Of Thyroid Hormone Action, In Iatrogenic Hyperthyroidism: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 50
Sex n/a
Notes for this study:
In a trial on hyperthyroidics with fixed medication dosages, L-Carnitine was investigated for its clinical usage as a thyroid hormone receptor antagonist.

There was some suppression of declining symptoms in groups when they were ingesting L-Carnitine, suggesting it may be useful for treating some (but not all) symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

2g and 4g daily were equally effective.

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