Studies related to Blood pyruvate and L-Carnitine

Increases In Walking Distance In Patients With Peripheral Vascular Disease Treated With L-carnitine: A Double-blind, Cross-over Study

Effect Increase
Values L-carnitine increased venous and arterial pyruvate levels during and after exercise.
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 2-4 Weeks
Number of Subjects 56
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 45-64
Notes for this study:
In the first of the two crossover studies, 20 males supplemented 2 g l-carnitine and placebo daily for 3 weeks in random order. At the end of each treatment, blood flow and ankle and brachial blood pressure were measured and a walking treadmill test was completed.

In the second of the crossover studies, an additional eight patients received 3 g IV l-carnitine plus 2 mg/kg/min for 30 minutes or placebo in random order, separated by one week. The same tests were performed in this group.