Studies related to Rate Of Pregnancy and L-Carnitine

The Efficacy Of Combined L-carnitine And L-acetyl Carnitine In Men With Idiopathic Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis

Effect Increase
Values Odds ratio and 95% CI. 3.76 (1.66, 8.50)
Trial Design Meta analysis
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 0
Sex Male
Notes for this study:
This was a meta-analysis on randomized controlled trials investigating the effects of combined acetyl-l-carnitine and l-carnitine on sperm quality for infertile men with idiopathic oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (low sperm count, bad sperm movement, and abnormal shape). 7 trials were included, all either 12 or 24 weeks.

Based on 5 trials, there was a statistically significant improvement in the carnitine groups for forward sperm motility, from 4 studies, an improvement in total motile sperm, and from 3 studies forward motile spermatozoa. Based on 5 studies, there was a notable improvement in the rate of pregnancy. Semen volume, sperm concentration, percentage of sperm motility, and atypical forms were not statistically significantly different.

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