Studies related to Blood glucose and Lactobacillus casei

The Influence Of Probiotic Supplementation On Gut Permeability In Patients With Metabolic Syndrome: An Open Label, Randomized Pilot Study

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 28
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 45-64
Body Types Obese
Notes for this study:
YAKULT Light (65mL of a drink containing 10^8^ colonies per mL) daily for 3 months in persons with metabolic syndrome failed to modify neutrophil function or standard biomarkers while it increased bilirubin (to 0.73±0.18 mg/dl, still within the normal range), C-RP (1.86±2.48 mg/dl) with no effect on ALT (liver enzyme) or intestinal permeability, which was the main study parameter.