Studies related to Sperm Count and Mucuna pruriens

Effect Of Mucuna Pruriens On Semen Profile And Biochemical Parameters In Seminal Plasma Of Infertile Men

Effect Increase
Values (×10⁶ per ejaculate) Normozoospermic before 114.82 ± 34.89, after 258.21 ± 39. 11 Oligozoospermic before, 17.29 ± 4.0, after 119.96 ± 15.64. Asthenozoospermic before 109.03 ± 16.96, after 163.45 ± 18.31
Trial Design Non-controlled trial
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 60
Sex Male
Notes for this study:
In a 3-month trial, 60 men undergoing infertility assessment took 5 g/d of Mucuna Pruriens seed powder containing 3.6–4.2 of L-DOPA. The participants were equal proportions normozoospermic, oligozoospermic, and asthenozoospermic.

There was an increase in semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm count, and motility compared with baseline. There was also an increase in total lipids, phospholipids, LDL, and triglycerides, and a reduction in malondialdehyde