Studies related to Apathy and Nefiracetam

Double-blind Treatment Of Apathy In Patients With Poststroke Depression Using Nefiracetam

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 2-4 Weeks
Number of Subjects 137
Sex Both Genders
Age Range 45-64, 65+
Notes for this study:
In persons who suffered from a stroke and thus experience apathy and depression, supplementation of 600 or 900mg of nefiracetam in two even doses daily for 4 weeks noted higher rates of remission (4 persons in high dose, 1 in low dose, none in placebo; remission defined as 75% symptom reduction) and reduced risk (risk reduction being 0.18 with a 95% CI of 0.02–0.34 for 900mg and 0.04 with a 95% CI of 0.04–0.11 for 600mg) but no benefit to depressive symptoms as assessed by HAM-D or cognitive symptoms as assessed by 3MS.