Studies related to Lactate Dehydrogenase and Panax ginseng

Panax Ginseng Supplementation Increases Muscle Recruitment, Attenuates Perceived Effort, And Accelerates Muscle Force Recovery After An Eccentric-Based Exercise In Athletes

Effect None
Values In both groups, there was no statistically significant changes in lactate dehydrogenase levels after the interventions.
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 1-2 Weeks
Number of Subjects 10
Sex Male
Age Range 13-17
Body Types Trained
Notes for this study:
In this 8 days randomized crossover controlled trial, 10 adolescent (13-17 years old) male track and field athletes were randomized to consume either 100mg/kg/day of ginseng or a placebo (starch) split into three doses daily. Each intervention period was separated by a 7 day washout period. At day 5 of the intervention, the participants would perform squat then perform 4 sets of a concentric failure of half squats with an extended eccentric inductor attached to their knees on the 5th day of the intervention.

Ratings of perceived exertion, perceived delayed onset muscle soreness, plasma lactate dehydrogenase, creatine kinase, and maximal isometric voluntary contractions with EMG measurements were done after the exercises.