Studies related to LDL-C and HMB

Effects of Calcium β-HMB Supplementation During Training on Markers of Catabolism, Body Composition, Strength and Sprint Performance
Effect None
Trial Design doubleblind
Trial Length 24weeks
Number of Subjects 28
Gender m
Notes for this study:
In 28 elite football players (NCAA division) given a drink mixture (taurine, glucose, potassium phosphate and disodium phosphate) with or without 3g additional HMB for 28 days, the addition of HMB failed to influence any measured parameter (either biochemical or sprint/power testing).

Effect of β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate Supplementation During Energy Restriction in Female Judo Athletes
Effect None
Trial Design cohort
Trial Length 1week
Number of Subjects 8
Gender f
Notes for this study:
3g of HMB for 3 days during caloric restriction in trained athletes failed to preserve lean mass or preserve power but increased fat mass loss. Small powered study.