Studies related to HDL-C and Coleus forskohlii

Clinical Efficacy Of Coleus Forskohlii (Willd.) Briq. (Makandi) In Hypertension Of Geriatric Population

Effect Increase
Trial Design Cohort
Trial Length n/a
Number of Subjects 49
Sex n/a
Notes for this study:
In a population of geriatric patients aged 50-80 years, Coleus Forskohlii dosed at 500mg (Ghana) or 700mg (Churna) thrice daily with meals for 2 months. The difference tested in this study was delivery system (specifically, capsules)

Blood pressure was reduced by about 10.75-12.07% systolic, and 8.65-9.80% diastolic when measured in a sitting position. Both groups were significant improvements from baseline, and no differences existed between groups.

2.6% and 2.38% reduction in BMI was seen with Ghana and Churna, respectively.

11.81% and 8% increases in HDL in Ghana and Churna, respectively.