Studies related to Nausea and Cannabis

Oral THC:CBD Cannabis Extract For Refractory Chemotherapy-induced Nausea And Vomiting: A Randomised, Placebo-controlled, Phase II Crossover Trial

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 1-7 Days
Number of Subjects 81
Sex Both Genders
Notes for this study:
In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, 81 participants with refractory chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting took a self-determined dose of THC and CBD (on average about 5 mg of both THC and CBD) 3 times daily or placebo for 5 days before crossing over for another 5 days.

The number of participants with a complete response, no vomiting, no use of rescue medications, no significant nausea was higher when taking cannabis. Mean scores for these parameters were statistically significantly improved as well.

Sedation and dizziness were the cannabis-related side-effects most prevalent. Quality of life generally improved.