Studies related to Hematocrit and Trimethylglycine

Influence Of Betaine Consumption On Strenuous Running And Sprinting In A Hot Environment

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-7 Days
Number of Subjects 10
Sex Male
Age Range 18-29
Body Types Trained, Average
Notes for this study:
In 10 otherwise healthy male runners given betaine (5g per liter of solution) as a rehydration formula after mild exercise-induced dehydration, betaine failed to subsequently increased physical performance on a treadmill test relative to the control (regardless of whether betaine was paired with water or carbohydrate/electrolyte solution) although there may have been a minor increase in oxygen consumption in the final sprint of the betaine plus carbohydrate group (VO2 max was still unaffected). Thirst was also unaffected as well as plasma electrolytes.
Funding issues for this study:
Partly Funded by Danesco

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