Studies related to Insulin and Trimethylglycine

Betaine Supplementation Enhances Anabolic Endocrine And Akt Signaling In Response To Acute Bouts Of Exercise

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-7 Days
Number of Subjects 12
Sex Male
Age Range 18-29
Body Types Trained, Average
Notes for this study:
Supplementation of betaine at 1.25g twice daily for one week appears to, when exercising in a fasted state, increase IGF-1 (7.8%) and reduce cortisol concentrations (6.1%) and nonsignificantly increase growth hormone (6.1%) relative to placebo.

This study noted that the decrease in Akt/P70S6K signalling (anabolic signalling) during exercise was attenuated with betaine, but AMPK was not affected.
Funding issues for this study:
Partially funded by Dupont Nutrition and Health