Studies related to Glycogen Resynthesis and D-Ribose

D-Ribose Improves Diastolic Function And Quality Of Life In Congestive Heart Failure Patients: A Prospective Feasibility Study

Effect None
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-2 Weeks
Number of Subjects 8
Sex Male
Age Range 18-29
Body Types Untrained, Average
Notes for this study:
This study used an exhaustive week-long exercise protocol (two sessions of cycling daily) where after the last session, as well as nine times more over the next three days, either the experimental group (200mg/kg D-ribose paired with 200mg/kg sucrose at each dose) or control group (200mg/kg maltodextrin replacing the D-ribose) were assessed after three days rest.

Inclusion of D-ribose was associated with a greater rate of ATP replenishment in the tested muscle after three days when compared to placebo, and no difference between groups was noted after a single day of rest. No differences in glycogen resynthesis rates between D-ribose and maltodextrin.

This was a crossover study.