Early Time-Restricted Feeding Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Pressure, And Oxidative Stress Even Without Weight Loss In Men With Prediabetes

Effect Decrease
Values The 18:6 group had a 11 pg/ml lower change in 8-isoprostane levels. This difference seemed largely driven by the increased oxidative stress in response to food seen in the control group.
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 12
Sex Male
Age Range 30-44, 45-64, 65+
Body Types Obese, Average
Notes for this study:
In this crossover study, 12 males completed an 18:6 diet and a 12:12 diet in random order. In both treatments, participants could only eat the three meals provided to them throughout the day. This study was designed purely to test the effects of meal timing, so there was no caloric deficit in the diets. At the beginning and end of each treatment a 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test was performed and blood lipids and markers of inflammation and oxidative stress were measured.