Studies related to Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Profile and Citrulline

Oxidative Stress And Nitrate/nitrite (NOx) Status Following Citrulline Supplementation In Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomised, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial

Effect None
Values GPX. U/g. Mean and SD. Placebo: before 51.22 (7.93), after 51.72 (12.57). Citrulline: before 51.59 (8.35), after 50.63 (10.34). Superoxide dismutase median and IQR. U/g. Mean and SD. Placebo: before 1020.21 (220.54), after 977.20 (191.23). Citrulline: before 1016.27 (158.32), after 1019.53 (128.48).
Trial Design Randomized trial
Trial Length 1-6 months
Number of Subjects 54
Sex Both Genders
Notes for this study:
In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 54 patients with type 2 diabetes took 3 g of l-citrulline daily for 2 months.

83.3% of participants completed the trial. There was a notably greater reduction in fasting blood sugar in the citrulline group than the placebo group, a difference that was statistically significant. There was also a greater reduction in malondialdehyde, a greater increase in total antioxidant capacity, nitric oxide, glutathione peroxidase, and citrulline, while there wasn't a statistically significant difference for superoxide dismutase.