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Studies related to Visual Acuity and Ruscus aculeatus

Clinical Effect of Buckwheat Herb, Ruscus Extract and Troxerutin on Retinopathy and Lipids in Diabetic Patients
Effect None
Trial Design nonct
Trial Length 16months
Number of Subjects 60
Sex mixed
Notes for this study:
In adults diagnosed with type II diabetics and with signs of diabetic retinopathy, supplementation of _ruscus aculeatus_ (37.5mg twice daily, ruscogenin content and concentration of the extract not specified) for three months was able to improve parameters of glucose metabolism including blood glucose (10.2%), fructosamine (7.8%), and HbA1c (15.6%). Lipid parameters appeared to be benefitted, with total cholesterol being reduced 9.4% and HDL-C being increased 23%. While it appeared to benefit retinopathy in a subset of patients, the improve in visual acuity and oscillating amplitudes seen failed to reach statistical significance. No placebo group was used in this study.