Studies related to Cognition and Binaural Beats

A Pilot Investigation of Auditory and Visual Entrainment of Brain Wave Activity in Learning Disabled Boys
Effect Increase
Trial Design uncontrolled
Trial Length 16months
Number of Subjects 26
Sex m
Notes for this study:
Another uncontrolled study investigated the effects of binaural beats plus visual stimulation in two groups of boys with learning disabilities. The first group had 14 participants and received two minutes of 10 Hz (alpha) beats, one minute of a constant tone, and two minutes of 18 Hz (beta) beats sequentially along with and equivalent visual stimulation using red LED lights for 25 minutes, 80 times over eight weeks. This group saw improvements in one of two IQ tests used and better memory, reading and spelling compared to before the treatment. Additionally, parents and teachers in this group rated the students as having improved emotion, academic performance, and attention. The second group had 12 participants and underwent the same procedure, but for only 18 sessions over six weeks. This group saw improvements in verbal IQ and spelling.

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