A lozenge of probiotics and arginine for dental cavities Original paper

    In this randomized controlled trial, a lozenge containing probiotics and arginine decreased the severity of cavities in baby teeth among children aged 5–9.

    This Study Summary was published on September 14, 2023.

    Quick Summary

    In this randomized controlled trial, a lozenge containing probiotics and arginine decreased the severity of cavities in baby teeth among children aged 5–9.

    What was studied?

    The effect of oral probiotics and arginine on dental health.

    The primary outcome was the presence of dental cavities (caries) in the context of mixed dentition (referring to having both permanent teeth and baby teeth). Cavities were measured by X-ray and graded with the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS).

    The secondary outcomes included the following:

    • Cavities in permanent teeth
    • Cavities in baby teeth
    • Progression of cavities (i.e., cavities getting worse)
    • Stagnation of cavities (i.e., cavities staying the same)
    • Regression of cavities (i.e., cavities getting better, aka remineralization)
    • Average change in gingivitis index
    • Average change in plaque index.
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    Who was studied?

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    How was it studied?

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    What were the results?

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    Anything else I need to know?

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    This Study Summary was published on September 14, 2023.