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Examine.com is an independent organization that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition.

Discover the best combinations of supplements

Build your perfect combination of supplements based on 73 scenarios you can mix and match (organized by 17 step-by-step guides).

  • Know which supplements work for specific goals
  • Reach peak efficiency by combining supplements
  • Save $100s by skipping supplements that don't work
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Maximize your fitness goals

In our Fitness Guide, you’ll find 6 of our top-selling Supplements Guides, plus added information on dieting efficiently and assessing your fitness level.

  • Step-by-step directions on what to take and how
  • Tips on how to measure your fitness and progress
  • Dieting suggestions
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Get the cheat sheet to better health

Based on 5000+ human studies, you can identify over 400+ health goals you want to improve, and find 300+ supplements that will help you get there.

  • Take the guesswork out of which supplements fit your needs
  • Make decisions based on reliable scientific information
  • Get answers to your supplement questions you don't need a PhD to understand
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Stay up to date on the latest research

The Research Digest is a peer reviewed monthly report of the most important supplement and nutrition research from the past 90 days.

  • Stay on-top of the latest nutrition studies
  • Understand the full meaning of the research paper, not just the sensationalized headlines
  • Don't fall behind with out-of-date knowledge
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