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Written by Kamal Patel
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Having turned four years old last month, and with over a million people visiting us every month, it's time for us to expand our team to make sure we remain your best resource on unbiased information on supplementation and nutrition.

These are all part time positions, but essential to our workflow and great as learning opportunities.


We're looking for additional members to join our research team. The team includes members with a variety of backgrounds, from those with dietetics degrees to biomedical PhDs to those with doctorates in pharmacy. Researchers work with the most nitty gritty details of research, and must be intimately familiar with interpreting and evaluating peer-reviewed articles on nutrition and supplementation.


Copyeditors help translate research into reader-friendly writing. A high level of curiosity and interest in nutrition and supplementation is an asset, and experience as a copyeditor is a prerequisite. The ideal candidate would have enough coursework in science to understand concepts that we cover, in addition to at least a couple years of copyediting experience, preferably with a college or graduate degree in writing as well.

Reviewer/Subject Matter Expert

This position is mainly for those with advanced degrees and experience. Reviewers provide an additional layer of expertise for the information we put out, making sure that we don't miss essential points and are as accurate as possible. They should have broad knowledge as well as formal research experience.

If you're interested in joining the Examine.com team, please click here to apply for a position.