We've released Evidence-based Keto: Your no-hype guide to the ketogenic diet, and sale ends tonight . Click here to learn more

We're Four Years Old Now...

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Introducing Evidence-based Keto: Your no-hype guide to the ketogenic diet

We've spent the past year analyzing the research on the keto diet, and have just released Evidence-based Keto.

Clocking in at over 200 pages with 500+ references, it's the unbiased guide you need to the ketogenic diet.

If Examine.com was a dog, we'd be entering our adult phase now. And that's exactly how we feel.

Four years ago, we launched with little fanfare. Unlike most Internet organizations today, we didn't plan a massive "launch party" or have influencers trumpeting about how we were gonna change the game. That's just not our style.

We went live, and we focused on what we did best - research. Looking at the evidence. Selling you nothing but the truth.

From day one, we've seen this as a partnership of responsibility. We've stayed independent (no advertising, no sponsorship, no donations ever) to earn your trust, and you guys have supported us more than most organizations can dream of.

Just a few weeks ago, we announced that we hit 1,000,000 visitors in a month. That's all been driven by your word of mouth - with over 15,000 tweets and over 250,000 Facebook likes, you guys have spread the word.

You've helped us battle terrible headlines, exposed people plagiarizing our research, and helped us be financially independent so we can focus on what we do best -- producing quality unbiased research.

At the start of this blog post, I mentioned how we feel like we're entering our adult phase now. We have over 25 experts contributing to various parts of Examine.com and our Examine.com Research Digest. Next month we're going to put out a call for more experts. But for now...

Throwback Sale

As a way of thanking everyone for their immense support, we're having a quick 60-hour sale. Our Stack Guides (for the layperson), our Supplement-Goals Reference (for the enthusiast), and our Examine.com Research Digest (for the professional) are all on sale until Thursday midnight EST.

And to make this sale extra juicy, everything is on sale from their original price. That means up to 40% off.

You have 60 hours - don’t miss out on this sale!


ON SALE UNTIL TONIGHT: Evidence-based Keto

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