We FINALLY Bridged the Gap

Breaking the ivory tower of academia and bridging the gap between research and practitioner

Written by and verified by the Examine.com Research Team. Last updated on Oct 22, 2018.

We’ve been analyzing scientific research in supplementation and nutrition for over 3.5 years now. We’ve had over a dozen people with varied backgrounds from pharmD to PhD to double PHDs/MDs who have researched, submitted, and reviewed our work.

And you know what we’ve found?

No one man or woman can do it alone.

You need a team. You need a review process. You need a panel of experts.

And that’s what makes ERD (Examine.com Research Digest) so powerful. And why it’s a must have for anyone who takes their nutrition seriously.

Every month, we will tackle 6-8 recent nutrition/supplement studies. We will analyze them. We will look at their study design. What the results were. What questions were answered, and what new questions arise. And most importantly: how all this research applies in the big picture (you know - making it applicable).

We're bridging the gap between the practitioner and the research.

But when you read it, you’ll be reading something that over a dozen people will have looked over.

First you’ll have our primary researchers. These are people who have experience conducting research. They’ll go in, look at the study, and break it down. They’ll bring about all the salient points - everything you need to know.

Next you’ll have the editors. These are people who’ve been part of peer-review (which is basically what we’ve built!) They’ll pore over every citation, every single claim. They’ll make sure the analysis stands up to the most intense scrutiny.

And finally, we’ll have our reviewers. These are leaders who have decades of experience to draw from, both theoretical and practical. They’ll look over the reviews to make sure it all make sense.

Five researchers. Four editors. Six reviewers. 15 people coming together to make sense of nutrition research.

Best of all - there’s no single field of study that everyone comes from. RDs, PhDs, pharmDs, MDs - you’ll know that each review has gone through review and revision from a wide breadth of people.

You’ll know that what you’re reading is the result of a council of brilliant minds, all coming together to make sure you’re kept abreast with the latest research.

One last thing...

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ERD is going to be a game changer.

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