Unlock Your Health Goals with Supplementation

Unlock Your Health Goals with Supplementation

Written by Kamal Patel
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Over the past 2.5 years, we've become the trusted brand on supplementation and nutrition. We've read over 20,000 scientific studies, written about hundreds of supplements, and even taken in-depth looks at the latest media controversies.

And through it all, we've been true to our ideals: we remain neutral, we remain independent, and we do not indulge in hyperbole.

Don't worry, that is NOT changing.

Our focus has always been on the Supplement -> Health Goal relationship. The average user visits our site, looks up a supplement (eg Vitamin D), and then finds what it does or doesn't do.

We are quite excited to bring the inverse to you in the form of our first product: Examine Plus

Put simply, this reference lets you quickly and easily find supplements that will work for the health goals you are interested in (basically the Health Goal -> Supplement relationship). With over 180 different health goals, you can instantly find supplements that will help you with goals such as anxiety, attention, erections, hair growth, immunity, memory, pain, stress, and more! It lets you discover which supplements are worth the money (and which are just hype).

Available in a downloadable PDF, it is an easy-to-use reference. Open, search, and within 10 seconds you'll have your answers.

Best of all, purchasing it will give you lifetime access to this PDF. Every day, at 5am, the system generates an updated PDF from the main Examine.com database. You will have the latest information always available at your finger tips.

We started 2.5 years ago hoping to bring some evidence-based analysis to the supplement space. Today, with over 10,000 visitors/day visiting our site, we believe the evidence-based approach is catching on. And our Supplement-Goals Reference Guide is the easiest way to look up evidence-based supplement information.

We're affecting change in the supplement industry, and we are extremely thankful for everyone's support as we continue our research.

Get Examine Plus now. It will help you save time, money, and help you achieve your health goals.