Prepping for 2015 and beyond

We're ready to become THE reference on supplementation and nutrition.

Written by Kamal Patel
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As continues to grow (over 33,000 scientific references now), it's important that we remain versatile and ready for the future. A lot of companies start off successfully but get bogged down as they struggle to scale their operations.

We have no interest in slowing down. There's way too much noise out there already.

As such, we're announcing some changes to help ready ourselves for 2015 and beyond.

Firstly, Dr. Spencer Nadolsky will be stepping down as our director. Dr. Nadolsky found that he missed having one-on-one interactions with people (after all, what's why he became a doctor). With that said, he will remain onboard as our medical editor (his expertise, both in theoretical matters and hands-on, is invaluable). He's not going anywhere!

The good news: stepping up as the new Director of is Kamal Patel. With an MBA and an MPH (Master of Public Health) from Johns Hopkins, and on hiatus from his PhD in nutrition at Tufts, Kamal Patel brings the perfect blend of business savvy, big-picture health applications, and understanding the nitty gritty of scientific research (he's been published in peer-review over a dozen times). His larger involvement in our future will only be good news for us (for those that remember us linking to a LifeHacker article on why there's so much confusion over health and nutrition, it was Kamal's broad knowledge that contributed heavily to that article).

Secondly, as we grow, we realize that having a large breadth of expert individuals looking over our research and ensuring we haven't missed any crucial detail only helps everyone. Thus, we are now adding Reviewers to While the Editors will continue to perform the bulk of the primary research, Reviewers will be brought in after our internal discussion has concluded to ensure that nothing is amiss and no theoretical or practical points have been overlooked. The addition of Reviewers lets our team remain versatile and lets us work with knowledge experts without greatly slowing down our research.

As such, we are proud to announce the addition of our first reviewer: Dr. Cassandra Forsythe. Having a PhD in exercise science and nutrition, and also a registered dietitian, she brings a wealth of knowledge to She's already started reviewing our work!

Please be sure to give Kamal and Dr. Cass a very warm welcome on our Facebook page. We're extremely excited to have them onboard.