Our hiring process

How we hire the best

Written by Kamal Patel
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With our recent hiring call, we thought it would be useful to our readers and fans to understand exactly how we hire. With over 500 applicants, it's important we do it right.

While we are not an organization that puts a lot of weight into a resume, the resume and cover letter is important to us as it lets us understand the background a person is coming from. It is most important to us that we work with people who are well-rounded individuals and have relevant experience in the field. It's easy to say "I'm passionate about nutrition," but experience helps you understand and appreciate the nuances and nitty gritty that self-interest does not always expose.

Once we have been able to discern who the potential candidates are, we then operate on a very simple premise: show us your abilities.

We are not interested in how well someone interviews, or how amazing their resume looks, or the full sequence of credentials found after their name. We care about the work you can do.

For a copyeditor, we may give them something a researcher has recently written that needs to be cleaned up and made reader-friendly. For a researcher, we'll send over a study and say "analyze this study." A subject matter expert would be given a few documents and say "make notes on anything that stands out."

None of what we send over is written up specifically for them. We always assign actual work. So if we gave a copyeditor something to clean up, it's something we recently completed and have also cleaned up (we just have not published it). So not only is it real work, it lets us compare and contrast with the work we're already producing.

One important step we do take is that there is always a middlewoman (more specifically, Carolyn, our Director of Ops) between the applicants and the rest of our team. Carolyn then anonymizes all of the applicants so that our team that reviews the work has no clue who they are reviewing. This is our way of ensuring that we remain as unbiased as possible - no consideration for friendship, for gender, for race, for name, for anything.

We care for just the work.

Once we have received completed work, an internal team goes over the work, and judges it based on a variety of criteria, including depth, nuance, clarity, brevity, and more. Comments and concerns are also included by each team member. This information is then passed onto Carolyn and Kamal (our Director), to make the call on which applicants are still under consideration.

It is through this iterative process that we are able to select the best candidates and make sure that Examine.com continues to deliver the highest quality analysis for everyone!