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Written by Kamal Patel
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Two more pages have been updated in the last week.

Ginger has its own page now, after a bit of investigating showed that it was in a ton of testosterone boosting supplements but never touted as the main ingredient. It seems to have androgenic activity, but requires a relatively high dose to do so. The studies that looking into ginger and testosterone do note that it increases it, but the mechanisms by which ginger acts don't seem to be known in this regard. There also doesn't seem to be a risk for women using ginger to avoid morning sickness to accidentally turn into a bodybuilder, as the dose used for testosterone boosting is about 14-fold higher than the dose used to reduce nausea.

Mucuna Pruriens has quite a nice page now, and the sister page of L-DOPA is lagging behind a bit due to the large body of literature on Levodopa. Mucuna appears to be a pretty nice herb for its anti-Parkinsons effects. It has the potential to be a performance booster and a nice side to test boosters like D-Aspartic Acid, but doesn't have direct studies on this potential link. Nevertheless, sometimes Mucuna appears in testosterone boosting supplements. It seems to control for side effects (dopamine, prolactin) more than it does actually boost testosterone. Libido might be enhanced in people lacking normal dopamine levels as well.

One study on L-DOPA noted increased penis girth, which is about as novel and interesting as the conclusions are hilarious.