Microbiome, antioxidants, and more: NERD #2 is out!

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Written by Kamal Patel
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If you look up the term "antioxidant" on pubmed, you get around 423,000 papers. And that number will continue to climb each week.

So let's say you just want to know whether to take antioxidants or not. What does the most recent research say, and how does it apply to you? Here are a couple options:

1) Go straight to the peer-reviewed articles

If you have a few dozen hours free and some background in biochem, physiology, and epidemiology, as well as full-text access to medical journals, then you may be able to get some insight.

But academic writing is not so fun to read. To put it mildly. Forget melatonin, try reading one whole issue of a journal from front to back.

2) Check out an issue of NERD

Or you could just subscribe to the Nutrition Examination Research Digest.

Our second monthly issue just came out, and it covers some of the most important trials from the past few weeks. The trials explore the impact of antioxidants on muscle, the latest on the microbiome, and a variety of other highly applicable topics.

We have around a dozen researchers and physicians check the reviews, and try our hardest to give an objective perspective. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours go into each issue.

Reading NERD will put you several steps ahead of most anyone interested in nutrition and supplementation. Not even nutrition researchers (and certainly not physicians) have the time to find the most important trials each month, read the full text, and get the perspective of a variety of experts on each one.

And knowledge is power -- not just for your own health, but for your friends and family.

We genuinely enjoy what we do. And we aim to make accessible what was formerly locked in ivory towers in dry, inacessible language. Try out an issue and see if it piques your curiosity.