Five reasons why you need the Examine Membership

If you want to stay current on the latest research, becoming an Examine Member is a no-brainer.

Written by Kamal Patel
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You’re probably reading this because you are, at heart, a nutrition nerd. You want to know what works and what doesn’t. You want to understand what a study actually reveals, not what the quick un-nuanced headline says. You want to develop a deeper understanding so you can apply that knowledge to yourself and to any clients you may have.

And if the above describes you, then our Examine Membership is an absolute no-brainer. Every month, we breakdown recent nutrition studies to help you understand what they’re about.

Here are the top five reasons why the Examine Membership will help you improve your health in a big way:

Reason 1: The Examine Membership lets you quickly and easily keep up with nutrition research

Nutrition research never stops. That’s why the Examine team publishes new Study Summaries and Study Deep Dives every month and updates the Supplement Guides every year. There’s always something new to know in the world of health, fitness, and nutrition research.

Never get caught off guard by a client or friend’s question again. The Examine Membership gives you access to the most recent research analysis as well as a constantly-updated big picture of the health topics relevant to you and the people close to you. You’ll never have to worry about outdated information again.

Reason 2: The Examine Membership is designed to save you time and money

Examine Members actually save money because they stop buying supplements that don’t work! Plus, save a ton of time by taking advantage of Examine Study Summaries. Take a moment to imagine how much time it takes to hunt down all the research relevant to you on just a single topic. And that’s before reading the whole study and digging into the literature to figure out whether the results you’ve found actually apply outside the lab. Then do it all over again when new research is published — it can be overwhelming!

Let the Examine team be your one stop shop for every nutrition and fitness question you have: curated, summarized, contextualized information at your fingertips, organized by health topic and complexity.

Reason 3: The Examine Membership empowers you on your learning journey

Examine is built around learning. We are driven by curiosity about the world around us. That’s why it’s not enough for us to find out what works. We strive to figure out the how and why of nutrition research.

The Examine Membership teaches you how to build an understanding of the big picture of health: how the complex systems in your body interact and how to optimize them.

Start by digging into research on the health topics that interest you most. Figure out little tweaks that pay health dividends in a big way, then go deeper with Study Deep Dives to really understand how nutrition research fits together. You’ll learn how to interpret research by reading the Examine analysis, and over time how to fit new information into broader concepts of understanding.

Monthly updates mean you’ll always be learning.

Reason 4: The Examine Membership is the perfect combo of quick overviews and deep dives, available for every topic

When you need just the latest facts: Study Summaries.

When you need a comprehensive look at a broad topic: Study Database.

When a topic is personally important to you, or just really grabs your interest: Study Deep Dives.

The three big pieces of the Examine Membership cover every complexity level of every health topic being researched today. Stay on top of health research quickly and easily, then swim in the deep end at your leisure.

Reason 5: The Examine Membership ensures you always have a team of experts and scientists in your pocket

The Examine team is made up of researchers who have one motivation: analyzing and breaking down health research to help you be healthier. Every sentence published by Examine is triple checked (at minimum), so that means your time spent struggling with online research is over. No more stress about dubious online articles marketing supplements that don’t work, no more being overwhelmed by dozens of overhyped suggestions that take research out of context. You have access to the best!

The Examine Membership is like having a team of experts backing you up on every health decision you make.

BONUS: The Examine Membership makes you the go-to for your clients

Health professionals — the Examine Membership is perfect for you. Stay up to date on the latest research relevant to your clients and use our analyses to generate content for your social media, newsletters, and outreach. We’re also working on getting approved for continuing education credits.

Nutrition research never stops. That’s what makes our big-picture approach so effective. If scientists discover a new way to optimize sleep quality in 2025, you can count on learning all about it as soon as we confirm the quality of the evidence.

Bottom Line


If you want to stay on top of the latest nutrition research (and there is a lot of research published every month), then the Examine Membership is exactly what you need.

Plus, we're so confident you'll find it useful that we always offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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