Five reasons why you need the Examine Supplement Guides

Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money on ineffective supplements? Do you want to know which supplements are most likely to help you achieve your health goals, according not to marketing or bro-hype, but to actual human studies? Then the Examine Supplement Guides were made for you.

Written by Kamal Patel
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Supplements are big business. Every year, people spend billions of dollars on them.

But it’s not like you can trust supplement companies. They have one goal: to convince you to buy their supplements.

Each month, we get hundreds of messages and emails from readers who are frustrated. They’re sick of misinformation and wading through studies that contradict each other. They just want to know what’s a waste of money and what works. They’re looking for guidance on the right supplements to help them achieve their specific health goals.

So we did what we do best: we distilled the latest scientific evidence to help you figure out exactly what to take.

The Examine Supplement Guides are the result. We’ve taken our decades of knowledge and experience and summed it up in a series of practical guides, with each focused on a specific health goal - burning fat, building muscle, increasing testosterone, reducing anxiety, and many more.

If you’re ready to stop throwing your time and money down the drain on supplements that don’t work, get your copy of the Supplement Guides. The average American spends over $350 a year on supplements, much of that wasted on ones that are ineffective. Our Supplement Guides can decrease the amount you spend, while increasing the benefit you get, giving you more bang for your buck.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons that the Examine Supplement Guides will help you improve your health.

Reason 1: Examine is 100% independent

In order to be unbiased and trusted, we have to stay 100% independent. We do this by being an educational organization, not one that sells you supplements.

We don’t have any partnerships or sponsors, nor do we have a relationship with any supplement company. We don’t even sell ad space on our website. All our revenue comes from our expert guides, which both laypeople and professionals purchase to stay on top of the latest research.

We have nothing to gain if we recommend a specific supplement to you; any recommendations you see are based on evidence, not because we’re trying to push a product on you.

Reason 2: We look at the big picture of research, not just an individual study

The news can be a bit … over reactionary. Journalists can look at one study and blow it totally out of proportion (after all — sensationalism sells).

The Examine Supplement Guides break down how confidently our team can recommend a supplement based on the current body of scientific evidence. And we don’t take a superficial look — we look at the methodology, participant characteristics, and much more. When there is not enough evidence, we’re not afraid to say, “It’s promising, but not 100% empirically backed.”

For example, protein for muscle building? Absolutely! But what about berberine for blood sugar control? It can notably decrease your fasting blood sugar level … if you have type 2 diabetes. How about creatine for testosterone? Sorry — even though it might be marketed as promising, and it’s a popular supplement for muscle building, there’s evidence suggesting it does nothing for testosterone.

That means you get all the nuance — and none of the supplements that don’t work.

We look at the research to tell you “this works”, “this does not”, or “this may be worth trying”.

Reason 3: We guide you step-by-step to help you solve your problems — no cookie-cutter recommendations

It’s not just about knowing which supplement is most effective, but also the best dosage: how much to take, how often to take it, when to take it, and what not to take with it. You'll get clear step-by-step directions.

We break down the research to tell you all that plus any other relevant information that may be useful (e.g., vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it’s best taken with a meal containing fat).

Each guide helps you with a specific goal, so you can personalize your supplements for the best combination for you.

We help you choose supplements based on your specific needs and health goals to ensure you get the optimum combination of supplements.

Reason 4: The Examine Supplement Guides save you money

Have you ever bought something that doesn’t work? What would you give to make sure that never happens again? The Examine Supplement Guides don’t hype up anything that doesn’t work (like we mentioned earlier — we have no incentive to promote any supplements!) so you’ll always know exactly how effective every supplement in your cupboard is. Almost all of our customers reported spending less on supplements after buying our guides!

We break down the scientific research for you, so you can be confident in buying only supplements that work.

Reason 5: We provide you with the latest scientific research

Research never stops. With tens of thousands of supplement studies published every year, current information can become outdated very quickly.

That's why our Supplement Guides come with free lifetime updates. As the latest research comes out, we continue to update the guides to ensure they are accurate so you can be confident when following them.

We include free lifetime updates so our recommendations are always up-to-date, accurate, and safe.

Bottom Line

The Examine Supplement Guides came into existence because our users wanted something accessible and actionable that came with step-by-step directions. Instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out yourself (and still feeling unsure), you can rely on our decades of expertise to help you achieve your health goals.

Furthermore, with our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, if you don’t feel the Examine Supplement Guides are worth it, we will happily return your money.

Millions of people visit us every month because of our science-based approach, and we’re thankful to reach an audience who trusts us.

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