Five reasons why you need Evidence-based Keto

If you want to derive maximum benefit from your keto diet, you need to know about the latest evidence. Evidence-based Keto analyzes those studies as objectively as possible, in a way that’s neither pro-keto or anti-keto, covering benefits, long-term safety, and all the dozens of questions we get asked about.

Written by Kamal Patel
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The most Googled diet of 2018 was the keto diet.

And the amount of studies published on keto has been rapidly increasing over the years too.

And when there’s abundant interest, misinformation soon follows.

When we surveyed readers, keto confusion topped the list of highest-priority topics to figure out.

On the one hand, there are unfounded pro-keto claims everywhere: “Keto solved all my health problems, and it will solve yours too!” On the other hand, there’s unfounded anti-keto backlash everywhere: “Dietitian/doctor/random Internet dude warns of keto dangers!"

So we decided to cut through all the confusion and put together the most up-to-date, evidence-based guide to ketogenic dieting ever made. Thousands of hours of research, covering the absolute latest studies, went into Evidence-based Keto: Your no-hype guide to the ketogenic diet.

Here are five reasons you should consider buying it.

Reason 1: It’s useful for both beginners and advanced keto dieters

If you’ve been keto for years, then there’s no need to rehash the basics. You want the latest evidence, pronto.

That’s why we divided the guide into Keto 101 and Keto 201.

Keto 101 is a helpful primer on—or refresher on—the practice of keto, including dozens of the questions we’re asked most frequently. It has sections on macro breakdowns, ketone measurement, troubleshooting, adherence tips, and more.

Keto 201 delves into the latest research on keto and body composition, athletics, blood sugar, and other hot topics.

We peppered both sections with infographics to make the guide fun to read and also included explainer boxes, if you want to dig deeper into extra-sciency topics.

The guide is easy to navigate for both newbies and keto experts. You choose the level of detail.

Reason 2: Safety first

There are healthy ways to do keto and unhealthy ways. There is promise for health conditions as well as warnings and contraindications. You need to understand the full picture to do the best you can with keto.

Don’t just focus on the benefits. We know that’s exciting, reading all the success stories you can and being proud of your own success. But it’s always better to understand both potential upsides and downsides, especially because keto isn’t typically a short-term diet. Keto dieters that find benefit are often keto for life. As a diet goes from weeks to years, long-term health becomes more and more important.

Evidence-based Keto has a huge chapter on safety that includes notes on supplements, medications, and conditions where keto is either contraindicated or warrants extra caution.

If you or someone you care about is either a keto dieter or considering keto, you need to stay informed about not just the potential benefits but also the possible detriments and their corresponding safety tips.

Reason 3: Keto is steeped in dogma, and we are independent

If you’re an enterprising sort, you can make a career out of vilifying carbohydrates with extreme, hyperbolic statements: “Sugar in any quantity is harmful, bread caused the downfall of civilization, everyone should be keto” … yadda yadda yadda.

Keto proponents aren’t all steeped in dogma, but some are. We’re the exact opposite. started out with the staunch intention of only interpreting studies and not having a dietary viewpoint, not selling supplements or diet plans, and not having ads, to avoid being beholden to any one perspective. Vegans and keto dieters equally get mad at us for not agreeing with everything they say about vegan or keto nutrition, respectively.

No matter, we must hold true to the literature, which is never black and white. We’re allergic to unfounded opinions, which might not make us the most money, but it does ensure a meticulous and objective analysis.

Our advice on the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet is based on evidence, not our personal beliefs.

Reason 4: We have a painstaking internal review process to verify details and the big picture

If you could see the back-and-forth discussion between research team members, it would make your head spin.

Sometimes I think, Why are we spending half an hour arguing over these two sentences, when it’s costing us precious time? Then I remember that readers depend on us, and if there’s any doubt about the veracity of a study, we have to debate it to its logical conclusion, even if it doesn’t seem to be worth the time or money.

There were dozens of examples every week we spent preparing Evidence-based Keto, debating issues from the practical to the esoteric. The process is both painstaking and strangely exhilarating, which only goes to show that we weirdo researchers have stumbled upon the right jobs for us.

We took inordinate amounts of time (and money) to make sure each sentence and each fact in Evidence-based Ketois logical and that we correctly interpreted the research.

Reason 5: We provide you with the latest research, because new discoveries are made every year

There’s so much more research on keto now compared with five years ago. Keto dieters should be able to take advantage of these new trial results.

That’s why we’ll be updating the guide every few months, as new research comes out. Part of our detailed research process includes providing lifetime updates. Sure, it’d be easier and more cost effective to devote that time to new products, but we know that science doesn’t stand still … so neither do we.

Keto research is accelerating, so we’ll be including regular updates to Evidence-based Keto. You’ll always be sure that the content covers the latest evidence.

Honestly, Evidence-based Keto is just a really well-researched guide, with tons of studies from the past 12 months and superb attention to detail. If you appreciate those kinds of things and are into keto or considering it, you’re pretty certain to benefit from the guide. It’s as simple as that.

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