Five reasons why Examine uniquely improves your health

Examine is like no other resource available today. We’ve combined pure research analysis with ironclad no-bias policies to help you stay on top of nutrition research and apply it to the health choices you make every day.

Written by Kamal Patel
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Examine is the largest nutrition and supplement research database on the internet. Since our founding in 2011, our team has been focused on analyzing and summarizing research to help our readers be healthier.

We’ve grown so much since our inception that we’re now able to tackle direct analysis of new studies while continuing to build a big-picture understanding of every health topic. We’ve even scored some interviews with some pretty cool scientists! That means our readers learn about every new health discovery and get the details of how the latest research fits into our overall understanding of the topic. We don’t buy into hype, but we do love staying on the cutting edge.

Over the years, we’ve noticed we’re very different from other health and fitness resources. Here’s five reasons why we’re uniquely positioned to help you improve your health:

Reason 1: Because Examine is 100% independent, you can trust our recommendations

In order to be unbiased and trusted, Examine has to stay 100% independent. We do this by being an educational organization, not one that sells you supplements.

We don’t have any partnerships or sponsors and we have no relationships with any supplement company. We don’t even sell ad space on our website. All our revenue comes from our research analysis, which both health enthusiasts and professionals use to stay on top of the latest research.

We have zero incentive to recommend any specific supplement or product, so we only recommend what works.

Reason 2: Examine saves you time and money

Examine Members actually save money because they stop buying supplements that don’t work! Plus, they save a ton of time by taking advantage of Examine Study Summaries. Take a moment to imagine how much time it takes to hunt down all the research relevant to you on just a single topic. And that’s before reading the whole study and digging into the literature to figure out whether the results you’ve found actually apply outside the lab. Then do it all over again when new research is published — it can be overwhelming!

Let the Examine team be your one stop shop for every nutrition and fitness question you have: curated, summarized, contextualized information at your fingertips, organized by health topic and complexity.

We give you a big-picture view of health research, so that you can focus only on the decisions that matter most for your health, saving you time and money

Reason 3: Examine is your guide on your learning journey

Examine is built around learning. We are driven by curiosity about the world around us. That’s why it’s not enough for us to find out what works. We strive to figure out the how and why of nutrition research.

The Examine Membership teaches you how to build an understanding of the big picture of health: how the complex systems in your body interact and how to optimize them.

We've even created a free guide on how to read and understand scientific studies.

Start by digging into research on the health topics that interest you most. Figure out little tweaks that pay health dividends in a big way, then go deeper with Study Deep Dives to really understand how nutrition research fits together. You’ll learn how to interpret research by reading the Examine analysis, and over time how to fit new information into broader concepts of understanding.

Monthly updates mean you’ll always be learning.

We'll teach you how to interpret research and how to fit new information into broader concepts of understanding..

Reason 4: The Examine Supplement Guides go step-by-step — no cookie-cutter recommendations

We created the Examine Supplement Guides for our readers who were asking us for specific instructions on how to achieve their health goals. It’s not just about knowing which supplement is most effective, but also important details: how much to take, how often to take it, when to take it, and what not to take with it.

Each Supplement Guide is designed to help with a specific health goal so you can personalize your supplement protocol to ensure the best combination for you. Pick from 17 topics, including muscle building, fat burning, anxiety management, sleep health, and more!

We break down everything you need to know about supplements so you can save money and improve your health — and you get free lifetime updates.

Reason 5: The Examine Membership ensures you always have a team of experts and scientists in your pocket

The Examine team is made up of researchers who have one motivation: analyzing and breaking down health research to help you be healthier. Every sentence published by Examine is triple checked (at minimum) by experts at the top of their field, so that means your time spent struggling with online research is over.

Nutrition research never stops. That’s what makes our big-picture approach so effective. If scientists discover a new way to optimize sleep quality in 2025, you can count on learning all about it as soon as we confirm the quality of the evidence. Examine updates monthly, so our team is constantly filling in and expanding the details and context of every new finding.

Also, because Examine analyses cover every aspect of health research published today, your friends, family, and clients will thank you for sharing your knowledge about their specific health goals, too.

We are your advisory board dedicated to your most important life decisions: your health choices!

Bottom Line

Examine never has and never will have any relationships or sponsorships from supplement companies. Our team doesn’t even accept free samples of whey protein at conferences!

Since 100% of our revenue comes from our information products, you can be certain that every recommendation you read is 100% backed by what the research says, not what supplement companies are trying to sell. Your support directly helps our team continue their work.

Our most popular information products are:

The Examine Membership — your access point to all the research analysis that takes places at Examine on a monthly basis:

  • Study Summaries: Stay on top of the latest research with a breakdown of 150+ new studies every month on the health topics you personally care about.

  • Study Deep Dives: Take a deeper look and understand the details and nuances of the most important studies analyzed every month.

  • Study Database: Quickly and easily get a big-picture overview of what works across over 400 supplements and over 600 health topics and outcomes.

The Examine Supplement Guides — perfect for people who are looking for easy-to-understand, actionable information and step-by-step directions for supplementing for 17 health categories. Instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out yourself (and still feeling unsure), you can rely on our decades of expertise to help you achieve your health goals. Get dosage, timing, and combination tips relevant to your specific health goals.

We feel so strongly that our research will help improve your life that we have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of our products. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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