Five reasons you need the Fitness Guide

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Fitness is a pretty vague term. What does it mean to you? Are you consistently hitting your fitness goals? How about sleep? Hormones? Cardiovascular health?

To a thirty-year old man, ‘fit’ might mean having a real, honest-to-goodness six-pack (no cheating with your four-pack plus change!). To a sixty-year old woman, it might bring to mind Jane Fonda, leotards, and endless aerobics. A fifty-year old man might think about cardiovascular fitness. Each probably wants to feel more like a cheetah than a sloth, built more like a thoroughbred than a panda. Nothing against pandas or sloths though, they’re pretty amazing.

In 2017, we got hundreds of emails from people looking to improve their body’s look and function, so we decided to spend time (an inordinate amount, many hundreds of hours!) compiling evidence and recommendations on fitness and all of its core components: muscle, fat, sleep, joint pain, testosterone, and cardiovascular health. The result is an easy-to-follow but complete volume called, simply, the Fitness Guide. Why should you trust it, and, by proxy, us?

Reason 1: We are obsessive about science.

Here’s an example of how obsessive we are about details:

You’ve probably heard advice like “if you lift weights, you can gain a couple pounds of muscle per month.” That advice isn’t based on a comprehensive review of studies. So even though it impacted just one sentence in our guide, we looked at nearly twenty studies to get the sentence right, estimating a realistic average muscle gain. And we dug into more esoteric issues: how does a 200 kcal caloric surplus impact muscle gain for a heavier compared to a lighter person? How about a 200 kcal deficit? Do newer studies contradict the older results too much? Which study populations will mirror our readers the best?

And when we run across studies with poor methodology, we take the time to find better studies, so you’re never mislead by bad data.

Reason 2: We focus on research 24/7... and nothing else

Many health companies launch a new product every few months: a couple e-books here, a few ‘customized’ diet plans there, maybe some supplements or coaching to boost revenue. Also, gotta have some ads on the website to keep the money flowing.

We do none of that. 100% of our revenue comes from the educational products we sell. Our products are so well-researched and thorough, that the last launch was back in 2014. Instead of a constant stream of new ‘just okay’ products, we instead offer lifetime updates on what we sell. So when the evidence on a supplement changes in 2018, your 2014 product changes with it.

There’s a reason why we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. Millions of people visit us every month, and as such a uniquely science-heavy website, we feel thankful for such an audience. So we want to provide helpful information, and if it’s not helpful, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Reason 3: We look at the big picture

When it comes to complicated and interwoven health topics, you need a big staff of researchers, so that’s what we built up over the years. We have a team of doctors, researchers, pharmacists, and more. If we need to discuss supplement side effects in depth, we can do that. If we need to look at the big picture of fat loss, we can approach it from a dozen angles.

Basically, we aim to see how the pieces interlock. How X and Y combine to give you Z. We can take research and apply it in a way that benefits you.

The advice you get isn’t coming from one viewpoint. Our entire team takes scientific honesty very seriously, and we’ll debate each other until the wee hours to make sure you get the most well-researched and accurate information.

Few companies can claim that. And none that sell Fitness Guides.

Reason 4: We give step-by-step directions (which saves you time and money)

Research has one downside: academic papers don’t conclude with a “do this” and “don’t do that”. They, rightfully, focus on very specific research questions.

But in the Fitness Guide, we give you explicit instructions and guidance. We’ve done all the heavy lifting of whittling down research to the most important issues, then tying all the relevant studies together.

The Fitness Guide doesn’t beat around the bush. It isn't stuffed with fluff so it looks longer. We don’t ramble on and on. Even at over 100 pages in length, all the sections are concise and actionable, so you can pick it up and use the information immediately.

We tell you exactly what to take, why you should take it, when you should take it, and how much you should take.

We had many researchers review the takeaways for accuracy and clarity. So there’s no confusion, and you end up saving brain power and energy.

More importantly, you save money, and perhaps most importantly, you save precious time.

Reason 5: It’s only available this week

This is the most immediate reason to at least check it out ...

Once Friday hits, the Fitness Guide disappears.

Our research staff uses the Fitness Guide to help guide their health, and they’re all highly-experienced in the fitness arena. It’s simply the only step-by-step guide to all the core aspects of fitness, that’s updated with new evidence each year.

It’s quite unique, and we’re proud of what we were able to do.

If you have any questions, we have live chat on our Fitness Guide page, or you can just contact us. We're ready to answer all your questions.

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