Examine.com Two Year Anniversary

Examine.com Two Year Anniversary

Written by Kamal Patel
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While it’s hard to define the exact date Examine.com was formed, it’s safe to say that it came about around the middle of March, 2011. What is definitive is our goal is still the same - to be the reference site when it comes to supplementation (and via frequently asked questions, nutrition).

In terms of traffic and reach, we continue to grow. We are on pace to easily crack 200,000 visitors this month. Those visitors will spend over two minutes each on our site, and will generate roughly 450,000 pageviews! We also have over 7000 Facebook likes across our site (not including our fan page), and Claire Yates was our 1000th follower on twitter (perfect timing, she just followed us).

On top of that, we now feature over 15,000 references. Our Human Trials database now has over 1500 studies, of which over 1000 are double blind. The Human Trials database is also getting a significant update, but that's for another day.

We’ve always focused on one goal – to be a reference site. We’ve had no desire to be in the content generation game, and other than tackling hot topics via our blog, we’ve kept to our original mission.

We do need help. While 200,000/month may seem a lot, it’s not to us. We want 10x that. The reality is that the content matter on Examine.com can be dry – we don’t engage in sensationalism and we don’t engage in top 10 lists to drive us traffic. We aren’t afraid of controversy, but by the time we get done covering nuances on any topic, we don’t really generate a lot of anger. We do get an email a day saying how useful Examine.com was, and we love those emails.

So how can you help? Spread the word. Share us on Facebook, tweet about how awesome we are (it's true!), and if you have a blog or site, link to us. We're doing our best to inform the public, but we cannot do it without you.

Have to be honest - we are really excited about the upcoming year and seeing where it takes us (we do have a few things planned ...)