Examine.com 7 Year Anniversary Sale

To celebrate turning seven years old, we’re having a 24-hour flash sale.

Written by Kamal Patel
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We’re turning seven years old, and as a quick thank you, we’re having a quick 24-hour flash sale.

The truth is that without your support, we would have never made it this far.

Your support is how we remain 100% independent

Over the past year, the number of companies that are trying to invest in or partner with us has gone up dramatically. They’re always trying to use us a conduit to sell their products.

Through it all, we’ve maintained our strict objectivity policy: stay unbiased, evidence-based, and 100% independent. No freebies and no kickbacks. No consulting, no partnerships, no joint-ventures, no donors, no sponsorships, and no ads.

We’ve been able to maintain our Switzerland-like neutrality because of people like you who have supported us and our laser-focus on evidence from day one.

Our team focuses on both scientific rigour and practical application

As we’ve grown, the process we utilize to publish our content has evolved and become more robust. Everything we put online goes through a rigorous process and has at least half-a-dozen veteran scientists, researchers, and health professionals analyze the work.

We pride ourselves on following incredibly rigorous standards and ethics. Without having to worry about advertising revenue or selling physical products, we’re able to maintain our editorial independence.

Since we’re an educational organization selling you unbiased nutrition information, we never have to fudge the science to help us sell a product. We literally profit by giving you accurate and useful information that you can trust.

And the information has piled up. We now have over 4,000,000 written words on our site! Millions of people visit us every month, trusting our pages backed by over 50,000 references.

Just a few weeks ago, we did an incredibly in-depth analysis of a major low-fat versus low-carb study. What separated us from everyone else was that we were also able to conduct a Q&A with the lead author and utilize supplemental data (such as each individual trial participant’s weight loss after 12 months). It’s this dedication that sets us apart from the rest.

Our work was so in-depth that health editors from esteemed organizations such as the New York Times, Vox, Mother Jones, and more shared our work and cited us when doing their own analysis.

To toot our own horn, we can confidently say that no one goes as in-depth, with as large of a team as we do. If you want independent and unbiased nutrition information, Examine.com is your best option.

24 Hour flash sale

As a big thank you for your years of support, we are running a quick 24 hour flash sale on all of our paid products:

  • Supplement Guides. If you want to know exactly what to take (and what to not waste your money on), these guides are the answer. From testosterone boosting to fat loss to muscle building, we cover 17 different health goals.

  • The Nutrition Examination Research Digest - NERD. If you’re a health-professional, this is a no-brainer. Every month, we have a team analyze six recent nutrition studies and make sense of how they fit in the big picture and how they apply to your work. Check out 5 slam dunk reasons you need NERD.

  • Supplement-Goals Reference. If you want to know what all the human evidence is for supplements, this gigantic reference is your go-to. 1,200+ pages with over 10,000 human studies analyzed.

There’s a lot more coming…

After thousands of reader emails in the past couple years, we have a pretty good grasp of people’s nutrition questions, fitness goals, and health issues. In 2016, we started planning for some really innovative new approaches to learning, with summer of 2018 as our target for what’s next. I’m being intentionally vague, by the way … we’re doing a lot of research to shape how exactly this will look. If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll make sure to keep you abreast of our progress.