Supplement Guides vs A-to-Z Reference

Clarifying the difference between's A-to-Z Reference and the Supplement Guides

Written by Kamal Patel
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We’ve been getting a few questions we wanted to quickly clear up:

What's the difference between the A-to-Z Reference and the Supplement Guides?

The way we see it is:

  • A-to-Z Reference: Exactly as the name implies, it is a reference. For those that just want data to look up, this is for you. Clocking in at 1000+ pages, it's not meant for the average person.

  • Supplement Guides: These are easy-to-follow with step-by-step instructions. You don't have to figure it out for yourself. Content in our Supplement Guides are not found on our site. They are perfect for someone who doesn't follow all the latest and can be easily used by someone like your mother or father!

Unless you’re a researcher, we recommend the Supplements Guides for most people. They're focused on 16 particular topics instead of overwhelming you off the bat.

Are updates included?

Absolutely. The reason this is a collection of PDFs is not only for accessibility (so you can read it on your phone, tablet, or computer), but also because we include lifetime updates. Roughly 2-4 times a year we will go through our Supplement Guides and ensure that they reflect the latest evidence. You’ll never have to worry about them being out of date

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