5 slam dunk reasons you need NERD if you want to stay current on the latest nutrition research

If you want to stay current on the latest research, getting the Nutrition Examination Research Digest is a no-brainer.

Written by Kamal Patel
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You’re probably reading this because you are, at heart, a nutrition nerd. You want to know what works and what doesn’t. You want to understand what a study actually reveals, not what the quick un-nuanced headline says. You want to develop a deeper understanding so you can apply that knowledge to yourself and to any clients you may have.

And if the above describes you, then our Nutrition Examination Research Digest (NERD) is an absolute no-brainer. Every month, we breakdown recent nutrition studies to help you understand what they’re about.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to subscribe to NERD to stay on top of your evidence-based nutrition game:

Reason 1: We check, recheck, and triple-check our analysis

Anybody can set up a soapbox on the internet and start pontificating on nutrition.

NERD articles are the opposite of this ad hoc, willy-nilly approach. We implement a three-step review process where our internal editors and a team of external reviewers, all professionals in relevant fields, check the facts and reasoning of everything we put out there.

Any time you read an NERD analysis, you can be confident that each article’s been vetted for accuracy and clarity.

Reason 2: Learn how to think about nutrition research for yourself

The internet’s full of opinions on, well, pretty much everything. But how can you sort through what’s true and what’s not?

NERD educates in a way that lets you do it yourself.

Each month, we break down the latest in nutrition research, going over the strengths and weaknesses of the literature. After reading a few issues, you’ll start picking up on some patterns of what makes for a good study so you can apply it yourself in areas you’re most interested in.

Reading NERD won’t just let you know what the latest science is saying about nutrition; it’ll actually help you read between the lines of other research you come across in the future. It’s a gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

Akin to the parable of teaching a man to fish instead of handing him a fish, we’re giving you the skills to become far more discerning consumer of nutritional information.

Reason 3: Get real answers to your nutrition questions

When we break down studies in NERD, we do our best to extract exactly what each study is saying and what kind of practical takeaways come out of the science.

There are two ways we do this.

First is by telling you exactly what the science says when the conclusion’s solid.

One example of this is in NERD 34, where we cover the latest meta-analysis looking at how much protein people should take who want to maximize muscle mass when training.

Spoiler alert: the answer is 1.0 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

Wait a minute, you may think… that’s a large range.

And that’s exactly why we’re here. We figure out your questions and pre-emptively answer them for you!

Second, we don’t just give you surface-level conclusions from a study. In nutrition research, things aren’t always what they appear. We break down who the conclusions of a given study apply to and who they don’t. We also aren’t shy about letting you know if we think that the study may not say much at all.

Reason 4: Learn the relevant background

Reading scientific papers ain’t easy.

We’d know… it’s what we do for a living (and we’ll be the first to admit it can be exhausting!)

Our goal in each NERD article is to make your life easier.

By providing you with relevant background information for each study we cover, we arm you with the ability to help yourself and your clients.

We do this through explanation, graphics, and sidebars to explain 101-level concepts in simple language. We also put each article in its scientific context, comparing and contrasting it with other relevant literature.

So in each NERD review article, you’ll not only pick up what the latest research says. You’ll also learn the scientific background and how it fits into the larger picture to boot.

Reason 5: You become the go-to for your clients

Your patients and clients are reading and hearing the nutrition news - when they come to you and ask questions, will you be able to answer them confidently?

That's what the Nutrition Examination Research Digest will let you do - stay ahead of your clients so you can help them best.

Bottom line

If you want to stay on top of the latest nutrition research (and there is a lot of research published every month), then the Nutrition Examination Research Digest is exactly what you need.

Plus, we're so confident you'll find it useful that we always offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Millions of people visit us every month because of our science-based approach. As a science-heavy website, we’re thankful to gather such an audience that trusts us.

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