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The effect of oral hyaluronic acid on skin aging

In women with mild-to-moderate skin aging, oral hyaluronic acid (200 mg/day for 28 days) decreased wrinkle size and increased skin hydration and elasticity.


Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a type of polysaccharide found abundantly in skin, where it supports moisture content and promotes tissue repair.[1] These factors make hyaluronic acid an important determinant of skin quality, and the typical decline in hyaluronic acid during aging may thus contribute to increases in skin wrinkling and dehydration. Although often used as a component of topical skin care products, this study examined whether ingestion of hyaluronic acid can reduce skin aging.

The study

This 28-day randomized controlled trial examined the effect of oral hyaluronic acid supplementation on 60 women (ages 35 to 70) with mild-to-moderate signs of skin aging. The participants were randomly assigned to take 200 milligrams of either hyaluronic acid or a placebo daily. The outcomes examined were wrinkle depth, wrinkle volume, skin hydration, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), skin elasticity, skin firmness, and blood levels of hyaluronic acid.

The results

Compared with the placebo group, participants who took hyaluronic acid had reduced wrinkle depth, wrinkle volume, and TEWL and increased skin hydration and elasticity.

Blood levels of hyaluronic acid did not differ between groups.


Hyaluronic acid exists as chains of molecules of varying lengths. Hyabest®, the form used in this study, includes a wide (but undisclosed) spectrum of lengths.

Hyabest® is produced by Kewpie Corp. The first six authors of this study all work in the R&D department of Kewpie Corp, so there’s a conflict of interest.

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