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Issue #82 (August 2021)

From the Editor

There are some big changes afoot with Study Deep Dives. After an almost seven-year run, Study Deep Dives (formally ERD, then NERD) will no longer be released in a stand-alone, issue-based format. Instead, we’ll be integrating the content from Study Deep Dives into Study Summaries and our other pages on Examine.

Why? After spending a lot of time talking to Examine Members and looking at a lot of other data, we found that most of our readers are more interested in the main take-homes from recent research than a blow-by-blow account of everything a single paper said. A lot of Deep Dive readers relied mostly on the Quick Takes, summary boxes, and graphics to get what they needed from Deep Dive reviews. And readers who did read the reviews often said they either didn’t read all the way through or had trouble staying on top of the latest issues.

So, we decided to integrate the best parts of Deep Dives into our other offerings. That way, we can focus our efforts on what you care about most so you can get the latest nutrition updates that are most relevant to your needs in a more efficient way.

This is the penultimate issue of Deep Dives. The final issue of Deep Dives will be released in September. From there, we aim to still provide you with the best parts of Deep Dives (and then some) in a few ways:

We’ll keep the Deep Dives spirit alive by expanding select Study Summaries that require more explanation, or that you want us to investigate in a more thorough way. This means you may have more of a say in what we cover and how deeply we cover it in the future. We’ll continue producing the graphics many of you love. You’ll find them throughout more and more of the site (including Study Summaries) because they help clarify everything from effect sizes to basic concepts. We’ll double down on providing context and background for important research, just like we did for Deep Dives, but this information will appear on our intervention pages or stand-alone explainer pages to help more readers make sense of the latest research. Plus, it’ll be easier for everyone to keep track of updates to these pages, ensuring you stay up to date on the newest findings.

To be clear, we’re not moving to bite-size, low-substance stuff. Instead, we’re working to bring the useful aspects of Study Deep Dives to more Examine Members so that everyone can benefit from the parts of ERD/NERD/Deep Dives that you’ve enjoyed over the years.

Do you have any thoughts or concerns about the change? If so, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation on the Examine Members Facebook forum.

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